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The Trophy Boss started in a garden shed in Wigtown.

Such a cliché – but in this case it’s true.

Here’s the story.

Mr Trophy Boss (we can call him Ian) has bilateral vistubula hypofunction. In other words, he’s lost his balance, permanently. Seated, he works just fine. But ask him to stand up, answer the phone and remember the names of his kids and he’ll fall right down.

You can see that being a problem for someone, who at the time, was working as a driver. So with no job (and no balance) Ian had to find something else to do.

It’s important to understand a little bit about Ian, he’s not one for sitting idle. He needed to find something to do. The thing he found was engraving – and he started from his garden shed.

(And here’s an even less well known fact. When Ian started engraving he had a friend cut a hole in some worktop. Why? Because when Ian stepped under the worktop and pushed his body up through the hole, he was held in place and couldn’t fall over.)

That was a few years ago now. Ian still has no balance. But he has relearned to walk and can drive. He can also engrave.

In fact he engraves so well that his business is flourishing. He’s moved up from the garden shed to a bricks and mortar shop in Wigtown. Now here’s something else to consider. Wigtown is a small town. With a population of about 1000, it’s the type of place where everybody knows your name and reputation. And Ian’s business has grown mostly by word-of-mouth recommendations.

He now has four people working with him – Willa, Kirsty, Joanne & Leeona.

You’ll find the bricks and mortar store on North Mainstreet, Wigtown. Outside you’ll find a sign above the door saying Briar’s Engravers. Inside you’ll find a range of trophies, medals and awards. You’ll also find a selection of beautiful glassware and gifts, many that Ian sells online.

And here’s one last thing you might like to know. Ian’s is the type of shop where you’re free to browse but help is always on hand. It’s the type of shop where service comes first and the telephone is always answered – by a person.

And that’s the same experience the Trophy Boss wants you to have online – where products are easy to find, the service is helpful and the telephone answered in person.

So if you’re looking to buy trophies, medals and awards and aren’t sure of the process, or you’d like to find out more about how much detail can be achieved with engraving, call 01988 402287 and an experienced member of staff will answer all of your questions.

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